What are the most common types of RV & Caravans available in Australia

These are different types of recreational vehicles (RVs) that are commonly used for camping and road trips in Australia.

  1. Standard Caravan: This is the most common type, a traditional RV with a built-in kitchen, sleeping area, and bathroom facilities. It typically requires an external power source and can be towed behind a car or truck. This type of RV is popular among families and couples who are looking for a comfortable and convenient way to travel and camp. They are typically budget-friendly and offer a good balance of comfort, affordability, weight & features.

  1. Off-Grid Ready Caravans: These caravans are designed for off-the-grid living and often have features such as solar panels, water tanks, and waste tanks for self-sufficient camping. These caravans appeal to people who enjoy off-the-grid camping and want to be self-sufficient. They are often chosen by adventurous, independent, and eco-conscious individuals who value privacy and want to minimize their impact on the environment.

  1. Pop-top: This type of caravan features a pop-up roof that can be raised for increased headroom and interior space. They are great if you have limited storage space & want to minimize the volume being towed behind your vehicle. Just be aware, they aren’t always lighter in weight when compared to a standard caravan, so be sure to check the compliance plate for ATM & GTM. They are ideal for solo travelers or couples who enjoy camping and want a comfortable place to sleep but don’t require a lot of space.


  1. Expanders: This type of caravan often has a smaller length dimension than a standard caravan, but they feature at least one, two, or more expandable sections that provide additional living space when parked. Expanders are popular among families who need extra sleeping and living space but don’t have a suitable storage space to store a larger van. They are ideal for families who enjoy camping and traveling, don’t mind a slightly longer setup process & and like plenty of interior space

  1. Off-Road Caravans: As the name suggests, these caravans are designed for off-road use and are built to handle rough terrain. They often feature higher ground clearance and reinforced undercarriages. These caravans are designed for off-road use and are popular among adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy exploring remote areas and challenging terrain. They are ideal for people who want to combine their love of camping and off-road driving.

  1. Camper Trailers: These are smaller and more compact RVs that can often be towed behind a smaller car due to their lightweight. They typically have a sleeping area, kitchenette, and basic bathroom facilities. Be warned, there is often more effort to set these up as they essentially have a tent on top that needs to be unfolded & secured to the ground. They often have much less storage. Camper trailers are a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers who want a compact and affordable RV. They are ideal for couples, solo travelers, and families who want a simple and convenient way to travel and camp.

  1. Off-Road Camper Trailers: Similar to off-road caravans, these camper trailers are designed for off-road use and feature reinforced undercarriages and higher ground clearance. These camper trailers are popular among outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy off-road camping and exploring remote areas. They are ideal for people who want a compact and lightweight RV that can handle rough terrain.


  1. Motorhome: Also known as a recreational vehicle (RV), a motorhome is a self-contained vehicle with a built-in kitchen, sleeping area, and bathroom facilities. You do not tow these behind another vehicle, (hence the name “motor” home) as they have their own engine, fuel tank, drivetrain & steering wheel, they are basically a van or small truck chassis with an integrated caravan at the back, so you will need a driver’s license. It is designed for long-term & long-distance travel. Motorhomes are popular among families, retirees, and full-time travelers who want a comfortable and convenient way to travel. They offer a lot of space and amenities, making them ideal for people who want to live and travel in style. They are also popular among people who want the freedom to travel without having to book hotel rooms or worry about finding a place to park and sleep as you can park & stay nearly anywhere. They require servicing & maintenance as any motor vehicle does.


And fifth wheelers, but have hardly seen any in Australia

Love the expanders! Definitely on my caravan bucket-list

@jaunray44 good pick-up, might have to write an article about fifth wheelers, thanks for sharing that. Yes, they aren’t dime a dozen on the motorway but they’re out there somewhere. Just not in my driveway that’s for sure, hahaha

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I saw one the other day, was huge! Not sure how much it cost to convert your ute, looks expensive. Would be very interested in hearing some first-hand opinions from people who have owned a fifth-wheeler.

@Johnson likewise! It’d be cool if we could get our hands on one to do a review of them, got any mates or know of anyone that’s keen to get their vehicle on camera hahahaha?

We’ve owned most of these types of caravans/motorhomes, they are all good for a certain purpose at a certain time. The tricky thing is working out where you want to go, what it is you want to do, and what will make you truly happy in life. then you know what one to buy :wink:

@SusieQ great perspective! Guessing this all took place while you were on tour lol?

Haha! Yeah, I’ve certainly been on a few tours in my days :heart:

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arguably size does matter on this topic. I don’t know if bigger is better, can hold my own with towing and reversing a van but fifth wheelers seem like overkill. thats just me tho

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