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Where are you based?

Hey @jaunray44, we’re Australia based. Jason and I reside in Queensland, but since the start of our road trip, we’ve been all over. Caravan Sales Online, however, operates throughout QLD and NSW at the moment. But we’ve got some other states we’d like to partake in too.

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Howdy Everyone! Nice forum!

@Johnson thanks mate! Welcome to the community

Hello! Been camping & Caravaning my whole life! love it!

Our community is growing! great to see!

Big shout out to our new members:


You’re going to regret this, i have SOOO many questions

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Hey Batso! no problem! we are here to help! Any questions you have we will do our best to find the answers.

@john welcome to the community, do let us know if we can help.

Welcome @john & @Batso looking forward to hearing from others about their caravaning stories.

Yes Agree,! Welcome good have some more people here!

Hey @Batso, welcome mate

Eveyone please welcome new user!


Welcome Tony & Jacqui