VIDEO: Designing your PERFECT Offgrid 12v system

If you haven’t already, you should have a look at this youtube channel, some great advice, great adventure & just good-ol down-to-earth commentary.

Sarah & Keelan’s YouTube channel & specifically this video I have linked is great for insightful guidance on designing your ideal off-grid 12-volt system. This video tackles common misconceptions and offers practical tips to maximize solar power. Keelan shares technical insights about batteries, voltage, charging methods, solar wattage, appliance compatibility, installation, and the joys of off-grid camping.


  • :loudspeaker: Sarah & Keelan’s YouTube channel is a fantastic resource for caravan enthusiasts seeking knowledge on off-grid 12-volt systems.
  • :sun_with_face: In the video, they debunk popular myths and set the record straight about 12-volt systems and solar power.
  • :bulb: A key takeaway is solar power’s vital role in an efficient off-grid setup, surpassing battery storage in significance.
  • :battery: Keelan delves into batteries, explaining how they store energy, and highlighting the importance of understanding voltage in the 12-volt system.
  • :zap: Charging methods are explored, with a focus on different techniques and the benefits of using MPPT charge controllers.
  • :star2: Solar wattage is discussed, including practical tips on calculating the optimal ratio of solar panels to battery capacity for a well-balanced system.
  • :house: Keelan also covers appliance compatibility and installation considerations to help you make informed decisions for your off-grid setup.
  • :camping: The video wraps up with Keelan sharing the joys of off-grid camping, inspiring viewers to embark on memorable adventures.

Take a deep dive into Sarah & Keelan’s YouTube channel to gain insights into off-grid 12-volt systems. With their technical expertise, you can design the perfect setup for your caravan and embrace the freedom of off-grid camping. Enjoy your adventures!

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old mate’s got the seedy mo just missing the filthy mullet, get on it!

Definitely some great knowledge here, I am always on the lookout for YouTubers who can help educate me on how to be a better camper! SUBSCRIBED

Yes! I agree, it’s a great channel. Good times & good info.