Regent Cruiser Caravan RCC216 - Green RV let us take a test Drive of the Regent Caravan to Ingenia Holidays Rivershore

Hitting the Open Road? Green RV Sunshine Coast Has Got Your Back!

Hey, road trippers! If you’re gearing up for a journey and wondering where to find your dream caravan or motorhome in Australia, look no further. Say ‘g’day’ to Green RV, a family-run, eco-conscious dealership with a whole lot of love for the open road!

Super Green, Super Cool

Green RV doesn’t just have a cool name. These folks are genuinely green! Check out their massive solar panel array - they’re smashing energy consumption goals while helping you score your dream caravan. It’s the perfect combo of sustainable living and awesome adventuring.

It’s Huge!

Prepare to have your mind blown by the size of Green RV’s dealership. Imagine an endless sea of caravans waiting for you to explore. And the surprises don’t stop there. They’ve got a whopping workshop out back with over 20 dedicated pros, ready to keep your van in tip-top shape.

Safety First, Always!

These guys don’t just hand over the keys and wave goodbye. Every van at Green RV gets a tough love check before it’s ready for the road. This Quality Control process makes sure your journey is smooth sailing from the get-go.

The Delivery Experience

Once you’ve found ‘the one,’ it’s delivery and handover time. And it’s not just a ‘here are your keys’ kind of deal. The team will run you through all the cool features and gadgets in your van. They’re there to make sure you hit the road feeling confident and excited.

A Helping Hand

At Green RV, it’s all about personal service. Take our mate Greg, for instance. He’s one of the sales gurus there who can help you pick out the perfect van for your journey, whether it’s an off-road adventure, a highway cruise, or something in between.

Let’s Go for a Spin!

We wanted to take our new van for a test run? No worries! Green RV let us hook up our chosen model and take it for a whirl.

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Pack your bags 'cause we’re taking you along on a whirlwind day out at Ingenia Holidays Riverside, one of the coolest holiday parks around. All we had was our charm, a Regent Caravan, and the element of surprise - they had no clue we were coming!

Setup Camp

With some good-natured cheek and what we like to think are epic negotiation skills, we scored ourselves a primo spot for the day. This isn’t some pro tip - definitely ask for permission first, folks! But, if you’re a pair of travel-obsessed, fun-loving lads like us, you might just get away with it.

Home Sweet Home for the Day

Our site was a cracker, equipped with power and water, which is perfect for the Regent Caravan. Setting up was easy-peasy. Hooking up the water was a cinch with a standard water hose. For power, we needed a 15 amp cable. Got it all sorted, and voila - we were ready to chillax in our air-conditioned oasis.

Time for Some Luxury

So, what’s the first thing you do when you set up camp on a scorching day? Crank up the air conditioning, of course! We lounged in cool comfort, getting a kick out of the van’s plush lounge suite and other perks like the fully remote-controlled aircon.

The kitchen, complete with a sink that’s swankier than the one at home, was a dream. It’s got everything you’d want for some gourmet on-the-go. With running water flowing, it was time to whip up lunch.

Campsite Cooking

Hungry and ready for some grub, we put together a quick and tasty Caesar salad with a twist. Imagine adding some zesty capsicum sauce, a bit of extra chicken, ripe avocado (we’re big fans, how 'bout you?), all topped off with a dash of love. Scrumptious, mate!

The Regent Caravan’s kitchen is a thing of beauty, especially for those who love cooking up a storm. The ample fridge, spacious bench area, and everything else you’d need to put together a fantastic meal are all right there.

Nap Time or Laziness?

After lunch, Tristan took a well-deserved nap on the lounge suite that magically transforms into a comfy bed. I mean, who wouldn’t want to curl up for a siesta after a meal like that? And yes, we could have definitely slept on this bad boy.

Wrapping Up the Day

Our whirlwind day came to an end far too quickly. We didn’t get to sleep in the van and give it a full overnight test, but we did have an absolute blast. Towing the Regent Caravan was smooth sailing, and the setup was super straightforward.

Between enjoying the cool aircon and lounging about, our time in the caravan was nothing short of cozy and fun. And, let’s not forget, this all happened at Ingenia Holidays Rivershore, a must-visit spot packed with things to do like swimming, bike rides, fishing, and a fully licensed restaurant and bar if you fancy a break from caravan cooking.

And that’s all, folks! Tune into our video for a look at our day of unscripted fun. Like, subscribe, and stick around for more adventures! See you on the next one, travelers!


Are you a Couple in the market for a caravan that combines luxury, innovation, and space?

Then let me introduce you to the Regent Cruiser RC216, a caravan that’s not just a vehicle, but a home away from home. This caravan is accredited by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, ensuring its quality and reliability. The wall & roof sections are built with fully insulated XPS core composite panels called ALOPEX, it is a trademarked term used to describe their innovative panel construction. These panels are some of the best in the industry, offering excellent insulation, strength, durability, and a seamless aesthetic appeal.

The Regent Cruiser RC216 is not just about luxury, it’s also about practicality. It comes with a dual axle model, large panoramic windows, and an impressive external sound system. The kitchen area is spacious, with a large fridge and ample bench area for you to whip up your gourmet meals. The caravan also comes with a club lounge that can be converted into a bed, making it ideal for families.

But the luxury doesn’t stop there. The Regent Cruiser RC216 is equipped with a modern bathroom, complete with a spacious shower, a sink with a unique bowl shape, and an electric flush toilet. The van also comes standard with a Lithium-Ion battery and solar panel, making it perfect for off-grid camping. Plus, there’s a wireless camera mounted at the top for added security.

In conclusion, the Regent Cruiser RC216 is more than just a caravan; it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s perfect for those who love the idea of hitting the open road without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Check out the full in-depth product review video.

That regent is my cup of tea! I do like the slide-out wall thing, really does seem to open up the interior space very well. However, I wonder if the weight trade-off is wroth it. Kind of looks heavy