Naming Your Caravan: Weird or Norm?

Hey travelers!

Recently, a fellow traveler reached out seeking the opinion of our fellow community. Being one for all, and all for one, let’s help out!

Here’s the context, our anonymous traveler has stated: “for some unknown reason I call our van a ‘her’, but my partner is not so keen saying you don’t name caravans. My POV is that people name cars, boats, and RVs so why not a caravan?”.

So the question is, is it norm or not? Vote YES in the poll if you think it’s normal to name a caravan, NO if you disagree.

Help us out one step further please! Jump into the comments and let us know:

  • Have you named your caravan?

  • What did you name your caravan?

  • Does it have a meaning behind it?

If you have any other things you’d like answered by the community, send us a message!

Until next time, happy voting!

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t think its weird to name a vehicle but for the life of me cant think of a name for my van, its doesn’t have much personality so…