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Hey Travellers!

Tristan & I (Jason) are making a youtube series about our road trip to visit some of Australia’s most loved caravan factories. We are also reviewing caravans on our way! Here is our first (intro) video

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hahahaha started watching to find australias ‘best’ caravans, continued for jason and tristian

Got any reviews on regents coming out soon?

Hey @WillSyk65 - thanks for asking, yes sure are. Are you looking at regents for your next van?
Not only have we got a regent product review in sight but also shared behind-the-scenes footage from the factory of how the vans are manufactured. Stay tuned!


Tristan’s your favorite though right? Lol, @jaunray44 thanks for watching, and glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah, I would also like to see more review videos on regents, they look pretty good.

@Johnson looks like something out of the future hey with its exterior designs. Stay tuned though, coming soon!

@tristan let’s not get ahead of ourselves champ :wink:

Well done guys! can’t wait to see the rest of your adventure! S U B S C R I B E D

I like the accent for sure!

never heard of them, but my mates have got jayco outbacks, @tristan and @Jason can you get some videos out on those? See heaps of crusaders too, but never gotten to take a good look at em. Just curious to see the hype

@tristan you just need a mullet

Thanks for the positive comments & feedback folks!

@jason whens the nxt video coming out?

@jaunray44 good timing lol, we’ve releasing one today about Habitat Noosa, sub and you’ll get notified when it’s live :slight_smile:

Here are some more of our videos:

When is the next review video coming out???

Check out our latest video, this is one of the most feature-packed caravans we have seen. Snowy River SRT22F in-depth review