Campfire Stories #2: Abandoned In The Abyss of Space

Hey travelers,


This story is themed around space and astronauts. Kid appropriate :slight_smile:

Some time ago, in the vast expanse of the cosmos, astronaut Alex Houston embarked on a daring mission exploring the uncharted depths of space. Armed with curiosity, he believed his voyage seemed destined for greatness. Little did he know that his journey would turn into a haunting tale of isolation and uncertainty.

As he ventured deeper into the unknown, his spacecraft, The Pioneer, suffered a catastrophic malfunction after being struck by a violent meteor strike. The ships engines lost all power, and his communications were fried. He was now stuck, with no way to steer his ship, fix it, or call for help. The Pioneer, along with Alex in it, floated away into the cold void.

What were once distant stars and swirling galaxies of mesmerizing beauty now became a relentless reminder of solitary existence.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Houston’s only company was eternal darkness. Over time, his mind unraveled. The isolation played tricks on his senses, making him question his sanity. Shadows danced on the edge of his vision, and whispers echoed through the vastness of his spacecraft. He felt an unseen presence, a chilling reminder that he was not alone in the corners of the universe.

Just when all hope was lost, a glimmer of light pierced through the darkness. His failing sensors detected an anomaly, a wormhole passing seemingly out of nowhere. The Pioneer drifted slowly into the mysterious cosmic tunnel.

What awaited him on the other side was out of this world. Emerging from the wormhole, he exited the Piooner after seeing what appeared to be another astronaut floating aimlessly in space. He steered to the astronaut, and when within face-to-face distance he was shocked to see the astronaut looked identical to him. It appeared as though he was facing another version of himself. Startled and confused, the cautiously made contact.

As they exchanged stories, a startling revelation came to light. Houston’s identical doppelganger was not just a copy, he was the original Alex Houston himself. Lost in space long before current Houston’s ill-fated journey. Time and space played a cruel trick, bringing together two versions of the same person, lost in a cosmic loop.

The two Houstons collaborated, using combined knowledge and resources to repair the Orion and find a way back to Earth. But the real challenge lay in deciding which Houston would return. Both yearned for their lives and loved ones left behind, torn between the desire to reunite with their families and the urge to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.

In a surprising turn of events, they made a unanimous decision. To remain in space, their journey is forever intertwined. They figured if they could combine their minds and souls, merged into one, they would explore the infinite wonders of the universe, embarking on the eternal odyssey.

The two entered Alex’s ship, preparing to use their latest invention that would combine them as one. As they initiated the transfer, that’s when Alex noticed his fellow copy was missing the scar Alex had across his arm.

trippy but $h!tty as …