Back To The Future: Goldy Caravans Vintage Designs

Gone are the days of tie-dyed shirts, go-go boots, and bell-bottom trousers.

Our world may have moved past the golden era of the 60s-70s. But not without its sense of adventure. Most fortunately thanks to Goldy Caravans.

Goldy Caravans manufacture BRAND NEW Autralian-made Vintage Caravans, using the ‘Classic Caravan’ design.

The focus of the vans is to implement style, quality, durability, and value while still keeping the magical history and beauty of yesteryear, incorporating the importance of that era in today’s world.

The automotive products built in those days have stood the test of time and are still beloved by many. Goldy Caravans are doing the same thing, hand-building beautiful caravans to create wonderful memories for the family that will last a lifetime.

The vans are designed and built on the Gold Coast, Australia. The vans have remarkable attention to detail, unlike any caravan on the market today. The vans are colorful on the outside and warm and authentic on the inside.

If you’re a seeker of retro designs, take a look at what Goldy Caravans have to offer:


Can it the same price as caravans were back then? Please and thanks

@jaunray44 while we at it let’s hope the same thing for the housing market!

Wow, these are so sweet. love it.

These are really cool caravans, here is a small snippet from our video about the Brisbane show.