10 reasons why caravan life SUCKS

Living the caravan life may seem like a dream filled with adventure and freedom, but this YouTube video titled “10 reasons why caravan life SUCKS” sheds light on the less glamorous aspects of this lifestyle.

The video features a couple, Brett and Mel, who have been living full-time in their 18-foot van for the past two years. They admit to romanticizing their journey and often focusing on the positives. However, they feel the need to share the realities and challenges they face on a daily basis.

One of the major challenges they highlight is the difficulty in finding suitable campsites and parking. In busy areas or during peak times, it can be hard and expensive to secure a place to stay. Sometimes they end up with cramped and unlevel sites, causing anxiety when parking and leveling the caravan. School holidays and public holidays further complicate the situation, as finding affordable and available accommodations becomes stressful and requires meticulous planning.

Another major issue is the limited space within the van. Living with four people in a small space quickly leads to clutter and messiness. Tidiness becomes essential, as a few items left out can turn the van into a pigsty. Additionally, the lack of dedicated workspaces and the minimal storage for personal belongings can be challenging. Basic tasks like getting to one thing can be impeded by ten other things in the way.

Living on the road comes with various responsibilities and tasks that can become exhausting. The couple talks about the less glamorous side of toileting and hygiene in a van. The toilet’s proximity to the bed and dining area can be unpleasant, and showers become a limited resource due to the limited water capacity. Laundry becomes a manual task done by hand every few days. These daily chores add to the complexity and inconvenience of their lifestyle.

Lastly, the video touches upon the social and logistical challenges of living a nomadic life. While they do meet people on the road, long periods of isolation are not uncommon. They miss out on the stability and familiarity of a community, unable to participate in regular activities or have their favorite local spots. Dealing with legal matters, receiving mail, and coordinating shipments becomes complicated without a fixed address. Additionally, they often find themselves at the mercy of the weather, which affects their comfort, power usage, and travel plans.

In summary, this video offers a realistic perspective on the challenges and drawbacks of living the caravan life. It highlights the difficulties in finding suitable campsites, limited space within the van, various daily tasks and responsibilities, issues with toileting and hygiene, lack of a stable community, legal and logistical challenges, dependence on weather conditions, and the constant need for maintenance and repairs. By shedding light on these less glamorous aspects, the video provides a balanced view of what it truly means to live on the road in a caravan.

Here are the ten reasons they list:

  1. Difficulty finding suitable campsites and parking, especially in busy areas or during peak times.
  2. Limited space within the van, leading to clutter and inconvenience.
  3. Various tasks and responsibilities, such as emptying the toilet cassette and handling travel logistics, can be tiresome.
  4. Inconveniences related to toileting and hygiene, including the proximity of the toilet to the living area and limited showering options.
  5. Lack of a stable community and the inability to participate in regular activities and social connections.
  6. Dealing with legal and logistical challenges, such as mail, insurance, and education for children.
  7. Being at the mercy of the weather, which can impact comfort, power usage, and travel plans.
  8. Seasons not lasting long enough, requiring frequent travel and increased fuel expenses.
  9. Difficulty in receiving mail and shipping items, requiring careful planning and coordination.
  10. Frequent maintenance and repairs, with constant issues arising in the van and other equipment.

Forget about caravan life, life sucks.